What is CFD?

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a methodology that allows engineers to predict the performance of their designs when exposed to fluid flow. CFD software programs can simulate problems involving gases, liquids, solids, and multi-phase problems. CFD is used in the design and optimisation of almost all major products and systems. Reducing uncertainty, resulting in higher quality designs, with greater robustness that better meet customer requirements.

Who is Aerotherm?

We are a leading consulting firm with a vast amount of experience in the practical application of CFD in industry. We have been applying CFD since 1995 to solve numerous fluid flow and heat transfer related problems. Improving efficiency, reliability, and maintainability within a wide scope of industries. Our areas of expertise range from modelling coal combustion, boilers, ESP's, bag filters, classifiers, fans, and many other similar systems.

How can we help you?

We have three devitions of expertise. To learn more, choose the devition that will best suite your needs:

CFD Consultation

Software Agency

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